12-sided Cube Calendar

A great homemade gift for geeks, this 12-sided calendar with pentagon faces, is easier to assemble if itís printed on paper heavier than the usual 20# (75g/m2) used for printing. Access the free pdf (by adding to cart and going through the checkout process), download, print on paper or cardstock and cut. It's one piece, so cut along the outside edges. Where tabs for gluing sides together are side-by-side with the faces of the cube (such as between October and July) be sure to cut out to the end to the point where the pentagon faces meet. Next, fold along all vertices (edges) and between tabs and pentagon faces. Then, begin assembling with glue or double-sided tape. If using glue, it may be best to assemble in phases, so that the glue connecting the first set of faces attached doesnít come apart when later sides are attached. Send more hints for assembly by posting a review after youíve finished.

Remember the pdf is FREE to download once you go through the checkout process; we won't charge you anything. You can also check out the FAQ†if you have more questions.

Want the calendar without having to create an account with us? Then, download the black and white version from here.

  • Manufactured by: ReadyRefs

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